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Acoustical ceilings are an excellent way to reduce noise within a space.

Noise is the number one complaint in the workplace. Noise can impede concentration, healing, and learning. Ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption and sound blocking; giving you complete noise control and design flexibility for every space.

Commercial acoustical ceilings offer solutions in mineral fiber, fiberglass, perforated metal, and perforated wood. Bright whites, bold colors, cool metals, and warm woods give you the design flexibility and acoustical performance you need for your commercial interior.

Acoustical ceilings are also used in the home. Drop ceilings beautifully hide important home systems like plumbing and electrical components, allowing easy access for repair and maintenance – unlike drywall. For home theaters, media or game rooms, or any room where noise is an issue, an acoustical drop ceiling can absorb sound and reduce echo while also preventing sound from traveling to adjacent rooms.

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